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TruthLetter emails feature reliable and entertaining information on trending topics. Below are some topics being considered for upcoming TruthLetters:

  • Planned Parenthood – As the largest abortion provider in the United States, what does that organization look like from the inside?

  • Chemicals in our world – With over 80,000 chemicals currently being produced in America (most of which have been created since 1940) and less than 2% tested for safety, are we at risk? If so, how do we protect ourselves?

  • The Christian and Muslim religions are the 1st and 2nd largest in the world, respectively. What are the important differences and how significant is it to understand those differences?

  • Is there a simple answer to the question, “Are tariffs good or bad”?

  • Who actually wrote the Bible? Was it written and then rewritten? Can the text in today’s Bible be historically compared to the original versions? If so, is the text accurate and reliable?

  • Fish, the healthy choice? But what are they eating and does it affect our health?

  • While many Muslims claim the Koran is the only accurate religious manuscript on earth, do the facts support that claim?

  • Many more…

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