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If you’re an everyday American who believes our nation has been going in the wrong direction, then you’re a Mover. When you act with purpose in unity and coordination with millions of everyday Americans (even in the simplest ways), you are Moving the direction of culture and therefore the nation. Here are a few questions that you, an Everyday American Mover, may want to consider: 

  • Who is leading the direction of America?

  • Who should be?

  • What is an impact grouping?

  • Which impact grouping is the key to success in steering America’s direction?

With 80% of Americans self-identifying as Christian (Pew Research; Religious Landscape Survey), America is still a Christian nation. Therefore, the influences needed to steer America in the right direction, must be Christian. With that in mind, consider the following impact groupings:

The three different shades in the illustration above are sized to represent the amount of cultural influence that results from the actions of each grouping. Epiphany; it is the sheer number of Everyday American Movers that results in them doing 90%+ of the culture impacting actions, and therefore, the actions of millions of Everyday American Movers are the key to changing America’s direction. There is no alternative. Any plan that does not include millions of everyday Americans moving with purpose and synergy will not create lasting change.

When you think about it, it just makes sense; imagine if Everyday American Movers began impacting every sphere of culture that their lives touched through coordinated simple actions. America would then be steered by the mainstream values that are shared by 80% of Americans—Christian values. The Web Hub and Action Center™ will help millions of Everyday American Movers find simple actions that steer the nation.

Everyday American Movers

Truth Movement USA™
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